The Value of a Project Management Office (PMO)

Are you wondering whether you should establish a PMO, what value it would bring and what exactly it would look like? Then this blog is for you as I try and convince you that PMO is definitely the way to go.

First though, consider these questions – Do you have an accounts department? Do you have a HR department?

If you answered yes to any of these questions and you are involved in delivering projects then you need to ask yourself why you don’t have a project management office. These other areas of the business have specialist department devoted to them, so why not project management?

Just as the accounts department sets the standard for recording and reporting financial transactions, and the HR department sets the processes and policies around staff recruitment, retention and remuneration, the PMO is the centre of project management excellence within the organisations.

Your projects are selected to deliver value to your organisation and they should be backed up by a PMO dedicated to contributing to their success.

What form the PMO takes is a function of where you are at right now in terms of your organisational project management maturity and where you want to be. If you are small organisation then a PMO may simply be a single person within the organisation with responsibility for common reporting and the development of a few suitable templates and processes.

If you are a larger organisation that is growing then the PMO may be the place where all the project managers actually work from, it has staff responsible for development and continuous improvement of your project management methodology, it manages programmes of projects and their potential conflicts, and may even be involved in the project selection process.

In establishing your PMO it is important not only to think of the current state of project management within your organisation but also the future state and how the PMO will contribute to this increased level of maturity.

A PMO is not a one-size-fits all solution, it reflects the size, complexity and maturity of the organisation it serves.

Whatever your solution is, it is important that if you are completing projects that you have a PMO of some sort to support the projects and project managers.