Project Management Professional Competency Development Framework

Here’s an easy to use tool to help assess the level on an individuals project management competency, what their job title should be and some ideas for professional development – fill it out and email me your completed questionnaire and I will email back the completed assessment.

The Project Management Professional Competency Development Framework provides a tool to assess individual project management practitioner’s degree of professional maturity and development. The framework is based on the PMI Project Manager Competency Development Framework and outlines technical, interpersonal and educational competencies that can be used to assess an individual project management practitioner’s current level of competence.

Once assessed, a training and education program can be put in place to provide the additional training required to achieve higher levels of competence.

Completing the framework is a simple process of marking the practitioner as Competent, Moderately Competent, or Not Yet Competent in each of the identified areas. The results are processed by our software tool and an assessment of the level of competence of the individual is provided.  The results are provided back with a personalized recommendation for next steps in professional development.

There are 5 identified levels of competence for project management practitioners:

PM Competency Diagram

The Portfolio Manager is able to display all of the project management competencies, as well as demonstrate an understanding of program management. Additionally, a competent portfolio manager must display competence in strategic alignment and project selection.

The Program Manager must display most of the competencies of project management and also display an ability to lead, and manage and resolve competing project demands.

The Project Director is a senior level project manager with over 5 years project management work experience, and responsibility and competence not only in the project management technical and impersonal areas but also in leading and managing teams and individual stakeholder expectations.

The Project Manager is able to display competence or moderate competence in all of the required technical and interpersonal skills, and has responsibility and authority to deliver projects.

The Project Administrator or Co-ordinator provides support to a project manager, has limited delegated authority and does not display competence or moderate competence in all the project management technical or interpersonal skills.

Education and training activities will seek to increase levels of practitioner competence through informal, formal training, mentoring programmes and international credentials,



Please complete the following questions, marking the practitioner as either Competent, Moderately Competent, or Not Yet Competent in each of the identified areas

Email Address  
Number of years working in the profession of project management  
Portfolio and Program Management Competent Moderately Competent Not Yet Competent
  1. Confirms the project has organizational strategic alignment
  1. Leads and contributes to on-going improvements in organizational project management maturity
  1. Carries out project selection and prioritization using financial and non-financial selection criteria
  1. Contributes to continuous project management and organizational process improvement
  1. Manages and resolve conflicts between interrelated projects
  1. Has delegated authority to authorize project initiation
  1. Provides project sponsorship and governance
Project Management Technical Skills      
  1. Number of years of experience leading and directing projects
  1. Develops an appropriate project management plan
  1. Defines project scope baseline in accordance with stakeholder needs and expectations
  1. Manages project scope changes
  1. Develops project schedule and time baseline
  1. Manages project schedule changes
  1. Develops project budget and cost baseline
  1. Manages project budget changes
  1. Develops project quality assurance and quality control processes
  1. Monitors project quality and responds to variance
  1. Prepares project human resource plan
  1. Recruits, manages and develops project team members
  1. Prepares project communications plan
  1. Disseminates project communications as per the communications plan
  1. Identifies and manage stakeholder expectations
  1. Develops project risk register
  1. Monitors project risks
  1. Prepares project procurement  and external contract decisions
  1. Monitors project contracts
  1. Obtains formal acceptance of the project
  1. Carries out project closure
  1. Prepares post implementation review, lesson learned and benefits realization
Interpersonal Skills      
  1. Displays leadership and motivates team members
  1. Displays effective personal communication style
  1. Displays strong decision making abilities
  1. Displays conflict resolution abilities
  1. Takes  the initiative for on-going professional development
  1. Operates with integrity
  1. Handles personal and team adversity in a suitable manner
Project Management Education



  1. Holds tertiary level project management qualification
  1. Holds the project management professional (PMP) qualification
  1. Holds other professional project management qualification
  1. Holds non accredited project management qualification