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Congratulations on taking the Project Management Professional (PMP) examination. Sean Whitaker is an internationally recognized expert of what it takes to pass the PMP examination.



Here are the only books you need to study for, and pass, the PMP examination, written by Sean Whitaker. Just click on the pictures to buy them Amazon.

Exam Questions


Don’t forget that if you buy one of Sean’s books you get him as your own personal PMP examination coach that you can email anytime.

Smartphone App

And if you are an app type of person you can now get over 400 PMP style practice questions on iOS and Android devices


Free PMP Study Materials

And for those people who have bought one of Sean’s books, here are the free study materials that are mentioned:

  1. Domain Tasks Puzzle Game
  2. Formulae to Remember
  3. How to pass the PMP exam
  4. Key terms and definitions
  5. PMBOK® Guide Blank Mind Maps
  6. The PMBOK® Guide Process Mapping Game
  7. PMP Practice Exam Questions
  8. PMP Practice Exam Answers

and don’t forget that you can email Sean at any time for any help your need.