Good Enough is just not Good Enough in Project Management


When you are a project manager you have responsibility for the success of the project. Organisations depend on the success of projects to deliver their strategic goals and ensure their continued viability, profitably and reputation. What you do as a project manager will directly affect you, your employer and your client. So, with all this responsibility is being good enough, good enough?

If you are a project manager that is good enough to do the job you will have enough experience and enough skills to do the job and probably, more often than not, you will be ‘successful’. This means that they project gets delivered with perhaps a few delays and maybe just a little over budget but overall the client and your employer is happy with you performance.

But is this good enough?

No its not.

Good enough is the minimal acceptable level of performance required to ensure that chance favours the outcome of any project. Good enough means that all other things being equal you will probably, deliver something acceptable.

Would you accept good enough from an airline pilot, a structural engineer or your doctor? If so, then I invite you to fly in a plane with a pilot who is just good enough, or to go up the elevator in a 70 storey building designed by a structural engineer who is just good enough or to trust the opinion that its nothing to worry about from a doctor who is just good enough. Sure, being good enough will be ok most of the time, but it won’t be useful to you when fate or fortune presents the opportunities for great misfortune or great opportunity. Those who are good enough will fall in the face of adversity and those who are good enough will miss the opportunity to excel when it presents itself.

You have an obligation to yourself, your employer and your client to ensure that there is no other option except excellence in managing projects.

So how do you achieve excellence in project management? Excellence requires a commitment to personal development, professional development, best practice, and continual learning. It requires an attitude and aptitude focussed on nothing but the best. You may not always achieve it but you must aim for it constantly

Being more than good enough and striving for excellence will ensure that it is you and your efforts that guarantee the success of any project and not the fickle whim of chance and fate.