Building organizational and practitioner project management capability is the best way to ensure an organizations long term success.

PM Capability Model

We offer a full range of project management advisory services including the following:

– PMO development
– Project management competency framework development
– Practitioner learning and development strategy
– Organizational project management maturity assessment and benchmarking
– Portfolio optimization and delivering strategic value
– Project management methodology development
– Project audits and health checks
– Project rescue
– Practitioner coaching and mentoring
– Project team leadership
– Project delivery

Our work is built upon the following foundational concepts:

1. Organizations achieve strategic and operational goals by successfully delivering projects

2. The application of appropriate professional project management practices increases the probability of project success

3. The ongoing development of organizational and practitioner project management capability is the key component of successful application of appropriate professional project management practices

Through our partnership model we can work with you to assess, develop, and improve your level of project management capability. The model we use is an iterative process:

1. Project Management Capability Assessment

We use a proven set of proprietary tools to complete a full assessment of both organizational and practitioner project management capability. The assessment tool utilizes observation, audit, self-assessment, interviews and questionnaires.

2. Capability Development Plan

This project management capability improvement plan will provide guidance on appropriate organizational portfolio, program, & project management, as well as the development of an appropriate project management office (PMO) and project management methodology. Our practitioner capability improvement plan outlines personalized plans for individual practitioner capability development through coaching, mentoring, training and certification.

The plan also has a clear set of performance metrics developed that can be used during the Audit and Benefits Realization phase.

We then partner with you to implement your capability improvement plan. We work closely with you and your team members to embed the recommended project management capability improvements. We manage these initiatives as a change project to ensure the new initiatives are adopted, supported and embedded within the organization

3. Organizational Capability Development

Our organizational capability initiatives will focus on appropriate portfolio, program and project management improvements. This includes, where appropriate, the iterative development of a project management office, and unique, customized project management methodology that reflects current levels of project management capability and also provides support for the next stage in project management capability within the organization.

4. Practitioner Capability Development

Our practitioner capability initiatives will focus on both individual and team members’ capability and competency development using coaching, mentoring, modular training and certification, if appropriate.

Guided by the project management capability improvement plan we will provide all the tools and techniques needed to accomplish this, and our role will be one of facilitator, coach and mentor.

5. Audit and Benefits Realization Phase

Our partnership doesn’t end with implementation. Real lasting change is achieved with ongoing support and this begins with an audit of the new initiatives, an assessment of whether they are delivering the expected benefits and using this information to contribute to continuous improvement. This leads us back to Phase 1, as the iterative process of change moves on.

We hope you noticed our use of the word ‘appropriate’. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to project management, and your particular capability improvement initiatives will reflect your particularly industry, maturity, size and complexity of projects, and strategic direction.

All work done aligns with the ISO21500: Guidance on Project Management and The Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide)

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