Assessment & Review

We offer a full range of project management advisory services including the following:

– PMO development
– Project management competency framework development
– Practitioner learning and development strategy
– Organizational project management maturity assessment and benchmarking
– Portfolio optimization and delivering strategic value
– Project management methodology development
– Project audits and health checks
– Project rescue
– Practitioner coaching and mentoring
– Project team leadership
– Project delivery

Our work is built upon the following foundational concepts:

1. Organizations achieve strategic and operational goals by successfully delivering projects

2. The application of appropriate professional project management practices increases the probability of project success

3. The ongoing development of organizational and practitioner project management capability is the key component of successful application of appropriate professional project management practices

These are the reviews and assessments we can provide to enable you to fully understand where you are at right now and where you may wish to go in relation to any aspect of project management. All reviews can be done anywhere in the world using audio and video conferencing to gather the required data and information to complete the review.

All of our review and assessments tools are based on international best practice such as ISO21500, ISO21503, ISO21504 and The PMBOK® Guide

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Organizational Project Management Capability Review

This assessment and review process examines the level of organizational maturity and capability. It examines all aspects of portfolio, program and project management within an organization and provides an in-depth analysis of strengths and weakness as well as benchmarking against other organizations in our database. It also provides a structured improvement plan for the short, medium and long term. This review is the perfect way to get a snapshot of current levels of capability and prepare plans for improving capability.It is also the perfect  review to carry out to prepare for transformation and also to assess how well any organizational change initiatives have worked.

Additionally, the review can be repeated at regular intervals (e.g. 6 or 12 months) to check progress.


Sample analysis

Through Crystal Consulting, which is an Axelos ACP, we can offer P3M3 assessments.

Project Management Office (PMO) Review

This review provides a comprehensive report about your organizations PMO current state and future development of an appropriate PMO. By examining the level of organization capability and comparing that to the costs and benefits of different forms of PM we can assess what form of PMO best fits your current needs while supporting your future needs. We can also assess and review your current PMO and comment on its efficacy and the review will identify strengths and weaknesses. Additionally, the review can be repeated at regular intervals to check progress.


Project Review

We use this process to assess how well a project is currently performing and how well it may perform in the future. This review can be done at any point in a project life cycle and provides valuable information about the state of the project and likelihood of project success. The review will highlight areas of strength and weakness, and compare these to established international best practice to determine what areas of improvement exist. We can also provide benchmarking against other projects in our database.


Practitioner Capability & Competency Review

We use this review to assess the current level of competency for project management practitioners of all levels from project administrators, to project managers, program managers and portfolio managers (even your Chief Project Officer if you have one). This review gives great insights into the current strengths and weaknesses of your practitioners and contributes to your overall talent management strategy. We then work with you to develop your own competency framework and an associated talent management strategy, and even help to develop your own in house mentoring, coaching, training and development modules. Review and assessments are for individual practitioners and we are happy to provide proposals for groups of practitioners as well.

The tools used to carry our the review of practitioner capability and competency is based upon the Project Manager Competency Development Framework from the Project Management Institute (PMI) and the GAPPS Project Manager Assessment Framework. We can also use the PMI PathPro tool which is an excellent way to incorporate your existing career framework into a more formal means of assessing and improving practitioners career development.

Methodology Builder

This really is our pride and joy. We kept hearing from people that building their own tailored project management methodology was too difficult despite clear research showing that tailored methodologies work best. So, we sat down and made the difficult easy. This tool is available as either a simply deck of card or an online solution and allows you to quickly and painlessly build the framework for your very own tailored project management methodology that suits your projects perfectly. We then work with you to put some flesh on those bones and you end up with your own intellectual property. This tool is used as part of a facilitated workshop and uses software, playing cards, blank templates and process flow charts.